Nowadays, we often wear the badge of "busy" with great honour.

With passion projects, day jobs, studies and constant thrive for self-improvement, fulfilling our pure self-care needs merely gets our attention...

We often find ourselves seeking relief from overwhelm, at the last minute, when we’re burned out. Because, we don’t have the time…

But, thankfully, we have time to make our lives easier, and more fulfilling. Let’s make self-care convenient, and dare we say it, easy. If not now, then when?

Explore these 50 self-care ideas,
and keep your self-love cup full for longer.


1. Get personal with your crystals.
Strengthen their properties by speaking to them, and reminding them of their mission.

2. Pick up a crystal book. Flick to a random page. Learn more about the crystal you stumbled upon.

3. Hit "play" on your favourite podcast or audiobook while cleansing your crystals.

4. Give yourself a stress-relieving face massage with gua sha or a crystal massage point.

5. Spend an afternoon discovering new crystals with our guide to A-Z of crystals.

6. Perform a Chakra balancing ritual on yourself.

7. Feeling sad, angry, jealous, or uneasy? Meditate with crystals for different moods.

8. Light some candles and indulge in a hot, aromatic bath. Top tip: pop a couple of Rose Quartz pieces by the side or in the bath.

9. Repot your plants and shower them with some crystal chips for amplified growth.

10. Rejuvenate and cleanse your space by burning some Sage or Palo Santo.

11. Make a list of spots you wish to explore on a walk and see your local area with new eyes.

12. Grab a plant or a tree identification book, or an app, and see how many you can recognise while roaming the park.

13. Do some stomping in the forest! Collect twigs, pinecones and acorns for your crystal altar, or as seasonal decorations for your home.

14. Visualise your goals and dreams. Print out or draw pictures and quotes, then create a vision board. Put it in a focal place in your home.

15. Is there a stream nearby? Stop by to cleanse your bracelets in the tiny cascades.

16. Take yourself out on a date to a crystal store, or that cafe you’ve been eyeing up.

17. Pick up a book on an opposing viewpoint to yours. Pay attention to how you react, and practise balancing your emotions.


18. Treat yourself to a lovely sound bath:
use a meditation bowl or relax with your favourite playlist.

19. Switch off all distractions while eating a meal. Eat slower, cherish every bite.

20. Make yourself a hot drink, and journal. Feel no shame, just write.

21. Open a window or sit in your garden, watching the moon with a hot cuppa tea.

22. Stretch it out! In your bed or on the mat.

23. Prepare for the week ahead by penning down your priorities.

24. Start your day with a grateful heart: list three things you’re grateful for as soon as you wake up.

25. Deep clean your spaces! Redecorate and find the best spots to place your crystal babies at home.

26. Lose yourself in a novel. Allow yourself to dream, dream, dream…

27. Schedule in a time where you ponder on your life values. Think: is what I am doing and who I spend time with, aligned with my values?

28. Wake up with the sunrise and watch it peek above the horizon.

29. Take time to reflect on your week, month, or year.


30. Surprise someone with: a letter, a bunch of dried flowers collected on your walk, a dessert delivery… Get your endorphins pumping by caring for others.

31. If crystal hunting is more their bag, send them an AK Vibes E-Gift Card.

32. Have a moment with your pet by speaking or singing to them! Talk positively, nurture their soul.

33. Invite a couple friends or family members for a slumber party, ask each other what every single person brings to your lives.

34. Spend a day celebrating you and your bestie’s friendship! Just cause.

35. Write a heart-felt message for someone you love. If you’re not ready to send it to them, save it for later.

36. Create a friendship book with your soulmate. Think: what’s their unique quality you cherish most; what’s on your mutual bucket list; etc…

37. Have a respectful debate about your differences and talk about how you can make your friendship even better.

38. Share something your best friend might not know about you yet.

39. Have some crystal beads left over from down-sizing bracelets? Make personalised bracelets. Pick up some elastic thread and get creative.


40. Have a book, series or a video which always makes you laugh? Indulge in it for an evening to feel more at ease.

41. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of items which don’t make you feel like the main character in your life.

42. Listen to your favourite song and feel all the feels! Cry if you need to.

43. Delete your social media apps for the weekend.

44. Or unfollow accounts which no longer serve you.

45. Light up your himalayan salt lamp and that candle you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Remind yourself, everyday is special, if you make it so.

46. Blast your fave tune and dance your heart out, solo.

47. Catch some extra zzz! Get ready for bed early. Remember to switch your phone on airplane mode and set it on the other end of the room.

48. Set a day or an afternoon for a dopamine detox. No screens, just you and some solitude.

49. Write out a few powerful affirmations and stick them onto your mirror. For example… “I trust my intuition to guide me” “If I'm nervous, it means I care.”

50. Kick off your shoes, dig out your fluffy blanket and watch an inspiring video. We personally love Radhi Devlukia and Lavendaire 💛

Now, dear soul, have you been taking notes?We’ve got a mission for you...

TO DO: cultivate small fulfilling routines within everyday.
P.S. You don’t have to do it all.

Self-care is giving the world the best of
instead of what’s left of you... - Katie Reed

Good luck,
The AK Vibes Team

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