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Heated vs natural citrine

Heated vs natural Citrine, ever wondered whats the difference? Is one better than the other?

Let us first explain the difference between heated and real citrine. Heated citrine is made from naturally formed amethyst which is heated in an oven by man to change the chemical composition of it turning it into citrine with its distinctive amber colour. Natural citrine on the other hand is purely formed from nature, there is no additional process of heating or changing any chemical compositions. Therefore it is known as pure and real citrine as it is found perfectly formed in nature. ❤️

Both heated and natural citrine work on the same frequency as they share the similar colour as each other, although heated citrine tends to have a more deeper and vibrant orange tone. Therefore both citrine pieces work when used in manifestation for money, luck and abundance. However natural citrine is known to have a higher price tag due to its higher quality and grade. Heated citrine can be found at a lower price due to being a half manmade crystal.

Natural citrine however has a stronger ability to aid in manifestation of wealth due to being 100% made by mother earth, but it can be hard to find.

Our crystals are all hand selected and tested by geologist to ensure you’re getting the real deal, always!

And so try to guess! I am holding real or heated Citrine? Huh? 🤔