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Pendulum can help you find answers

Do you have a burning question you need answers to?🤔😍

Whether it’s about love, life or where you last put your keys, a pendulum can help you find answers. How so?

Firstly, cleanse the pendulum and allow the it to capture your energy- meditate with it asking it to guide you divinely and to not allow your own ego and wants affect the answer it gives you.

Then establish what is a “yes”, “no”, “maybe”, “cannot answer” and “ask again” by holding the pendulum still and then ask it to show you what is a “yes”, “no” etc eg. “Pendulum show me what is a -“ . After each question ask the pendulum to become still again before proceeding with the next question. This process is important as it is how you will know the answers the pendulum gives you when you use it to ask about other queries. The answers to “yes”, “no” etc will come in the form of specific movements of the pendulum, this is different for all people and pendulums. So be sure to first ask yours what the movements for the answers mean.

Remember to cleanse it often with some White Sage or Palo santo before using it, and remember to meditate with it to ensure only the truth should be revealed to you and not just what you’d like to hear.

And that’s it!👌☺️