Ever wondered the difference between the two? 

Sage and palo santo are both used for cleansing and getting rid of negative energy. It’s advised to use Sage when cleansing objects (such as your crystals now and again) and to use Palo Santo when cleansing oneself as Palo Santo is known to get rid of only negative energy whereas sage takes away ALL energy, the good and the bad. Due to its strong nature sage is better used on objects you want to revive completely if you wish to set new intentions upon the object. Note that Palo Santo can still be used in cleansing objects too.

We source our Palo Santo incense from Peru, where by the country’s law the wood can only be taken from pieces that have naturally broken off the tree. Therefore, you can buy our Palo Santo with peace of mind knowing we aren’t killing our tree friends!

Fun fact: Sage oil extracted from fresh leaves can be used to soothe insect bites.

"Burn incense, carry crystals, trust your intuition."

- AK Vibes -