REACH FOR OBSIDIAN TO AID IN: Protection, decision making, grief.

PROPERTIES: Obsidian shields you from the unserving energies of your surroundings so it's great to hold close when in large crowds. The unique vibration of this crystal, often called “volcanic glass”, aids in divination (seeing into the future), making it the perfect stone when faced with difficult decisions. It is also a great companion for empaths.


GREAT FOR: Aries ♈ Scorpio ♏ Sagittarius ♐ Capricorn ♑

GEOLOGY: Obsidian is an unusual crystal as it involves no crystallisation of individual minerals. It’s an extrusive igneous rock (formed in volcanic eruptions) – and molds when magma cools down rapidly. It occurs in many forms, including Obsidian Snowflake, Obsidian Rainbow, Obsidian Mocca and many more.

BORN IN: Depending on type, but mostly USA and Mexico.

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