Violet crocuses peep up from the frosted grass, swallows are spotted frolicking and singing outside your window, the sun's warmth is finally hugging your skin.

Your mood is changing as days get longer, and your soul feels the revitalising energy of spring.

With that, it's time to put a spring in your step! Kick off the lovely season with rituals which scream: "Next version of me, I'm on my way!"

I’m walking into the best version
of myself, as of yet.

The Vernal (Spring) Equinox, which happens on the 20th of March, signifies a new slate, beginning, and optimism. The Earth's tilt towards the sun welcomes warmer days and spring air. It’s a time you’ve always associated with notorious cleaning.

Spring Equinox = spiritual rebirth

12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness begins the Spring Equinox, which in itself, literally translates to: balance. Balance is the focus energy of this season. Invite this gently guiding vibe into your life, to follow you for more than just a week or two. We’ve collated a list of spring rituals for you to welcome Spring with, but also practise throughout this season.


Throw a small stone into a lake or a river.

Before dropping your wishes into the Universe, think: how will I push myself to attract these amazing things I wish for?

Use: a rock found in a forest, or a crystal you no longer feel a connection to.



Plant some seeds, watch them grow.

Let the flowers, herbs, or plants be of evidence that nurturing brings growth. Let it be a metaphor for your own evolution.

Use: crystal chips on the edges of plant pots to give them a boost.


Make a flower crown.

Feel like a queen of your own story, welcoming the season of change.

Use: artificial or real flowers, leaves, twigs, and ribbon.


Write a letter to the next version of you.

Or, the present version of you – whatever you prefer. Speak about who you are now, and what excites you about this new chapter ahead.

Use: pen, paper, nurturing crystals like Mookaite Jasper, Blue Chalcedony and Rose Quartz.


Choose a word of intention for the year.

Although it's not common to set resolutions in the Spring, it's a healthy pratice to set a one-word intention. Every time you are faced with a challenge, think of this word. Do your actions align?

Use: post it note, paper, tape.


Make a wild bouquet.

Or buy yourself flowers. Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend.

Use: your imagination!


Label a candle with wishes and intentions.

Write your own label on a candle. Specify what you'd like to let go of, what should disappear with the flame.

Use: paper, tape, sticky labels, glue, candle.


Let crystals support you in
a million ways.

Love, hugs, and sparkle,
The AK Vibes Team


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