Amethyst Cluster (free standing)
Amethyst Cluster (free standing)

Amethyst Cluster (free standing)

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REACH FOR AMETHYST TO AID IN: Calm, sobriety, transformation.

PROPERTIES: Great as a companion to aid you through anxious times, sleepless nights and to break negative habits and addictions. It helps expand our sense of intuition, drop the self-sabotage, be still, transcend and most importantly: slow down.

CHAKRA: Crown, third eye

GREAT FOR: ​Aries ♈ Aquarius ​♒ ​Pisces ♓

GEOLOGY: Amethyst is a violet-tinted variety of Clear Quartz, which inherits its hues due to ionising radiation. Mostly found in basalt rocks, Amethyst crystali s often found as a geode but can also form in a pseudo hexagonal shape.

BORN IN: Mostly in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay and USA.

DESCRIPTION: height 8cm, base 6x7cm, weight 375g.