Aventurine Point Pendant
Aventurine Point Pendant

Aventurine Point Pendant

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REACH FOR AVENTURINE TO AID IN:​ Prosperity, manifestation, self-worth.

PROPERTIES:​ Aventurine aids the flow of prosperity, especially financial, plus contributes to a balanced sense of receptivity. It provides energy which diminishes limiting beliefs, attracting abundance and an increased sense of generosity.

CHAKRA:​ Heart

GREAT FOR:​ Aries Cancer Libra

GEOLOGY:​ A form of finely-grained Quartz, Aventurine is found in various vibrant colours – mainly green, red and yellow. You'll often find the ​Aventurine crystal​sparkle with fine glitter of scattered flakes of chromic mica.

BORN IN:​ Brazil, India and Russia.