Magnesite Massage point

Magnesite Massage point

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REACH FOR MAGNESITE TO AID IN:​ Calm, creativity, peace, purification.

PROPERTIES:​ The gentle and calming Magnesite enhances creativity and imagination. It contributes to a stronger feeling of passion and is an amazing crystal to meditate with. Its calming properties provide you with a level of acceptance towards certain emotions, and aid you in having a more positive outlook on life.

CHAKRA:​ Heart, Crown GREAT FOR:​Aries Libra

GEOLOGY:​ Magnesite forms in aggregates and barely forms crystals. Very porous, it is made up of alternating layers of carbonate and magnesium – and forms when rocks rich in magnesium (e.g. Dolomite) are exposed to water rich in carbon dioxide.

BORN IN:​ Worldwide, but mainly in Zimbabwe, China, Turkey, Russia and Brazil.

DESCRIPTION: 5x3.5x2.2cm.