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Want to Manifest Money, Prosperity & Abundance?

Then Pyrite is the stone to go with!😍

This luxurious stone that is often called as a “Fool’s Gold” fosters the energy of wealth and abundance. It helps to fight with fears and doubts that are blocking our solar plexus chakra which provides us the motivation for achieving goals. Pyrite helps us to complete the important tasks or projects and helps us to move forward in career or investment decisions. 😊

And now few secret tips and tricks!!

- You can place the raw piece of Pyrite in the safe, piggy bank or any other places you hold your money. As well, you can always place small piece of Pyrite in your wallet. It will continuously vibrate the energy of wealth. ‼️

- Stones like working together!! To amplify more power of Pyrite you can surround it with eight wealth crystals of your choice because the number eight holds the energy of money. ‼️


Measurements: 6.5 diameter 

Weight: Over 500 g.