Shungite Sphere
Shungite Sphere

Shungite Sphere

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REACH FOR SHUNGITE TO AID IN:​ Grounding, protection, clarity of mind.

PROPERTIES:​ Shungite is a great protector stone and an ally in clearing your mind. Due to its simple make up, Shungite is not only great for purifying your water (Elite Shungite) but also providing you with grounding and a sense of calm. Find out how Shungite can also aid you in EMF protection.

CHAKRA:​ Root, Sacral.


GEOLOGY:​ Technically a rock rather than a crystal, Shungite consists predominantly of carbon and is ought to be one of the oldest rocks. Containing a crystalline type of carbon, fullerene, Shungite is an antioxidant which acts as a neutraliser. Black Shungite (30-35% carbon) is often mined in raw chunks and tumbled to show off the jet black colour, while Elite Shungite (95-100% carbon) is too fragile so is admired in raw form.

BORNIN:​ Russia

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