What is the Atlantean Star of Protection?

What is the Atlantean Star of Protection?

The Atlantean Star of Protection, in the form of a pendant or a bracelet, is an amulet worn to protect, promote energy-cleansing, and strengthen your aura.

In the Universe – based on frequencies and vibrations – we are susceptible to being exposed to many negative interferences. This can have a significant impact on our health, career, social, family, and spiritual lives.

But thankfully, you now have access to the Atlantean knowledge, technology and tools that are available to you, to prevent the impact of these influences, which build up long term.

How does the Atlantean Star work?

The Atlantean Star generates a protective energy sphere around you. It works on a physical, mental and astral level, neutralising everything that can be interfering with your life.

The Atlantean Star of Protection consists of a 9-pointed (9-fold) star. Incorporating three Atlantean Symbols within it.

These are:

  • Atlantean Seal: Sealing your aura to ensure that you are protected from negative forces.

  • Atlantean Mandala: Consists of a special arrangement with the seal embedded everywhere, representing the protection of your spiritual journey.
  • Atlantean Fractal: Is a powerful geometric symbol that repeats itself, creating a shield over and over in a loop around your auric field.

The Atlantean Star of Protection is also engraved using a specialised laser – with a fraction of a micron precision!

This ensures the symbols of protection are accurate, stored effectively on a Methacrylate material (plastic). This is because plastic is known as the least conductive material and as such it’s highly unlikely to get infected by any form of energy attacks.

This intentionally chosen material renders the power of the Atlantean Star of Protection, a world-renowned tool of spiritual self-defense.

How can it benefit you?

The Atlantean Star of Protection benefits you in many ways! Once you feel the results, you'll not want to take it off. Here are a few examples of its properties.

It protects you from:

  • Negativity from outside influences
  • Evil eye, magic, spells and enchantments
  • Psychic attacks
  • Negative energies and unseen forces

It promotes, strengthens and enhances your:

  • Intuition
  • Telepathy
  • Clairvoyance
  • Inner strength
  • Direction on your path

It functions by:

  • Balancing your bioenergy field, giving stability to your life

  • Breaking negative thought patterns and beliefs
  • Producing internal changes
  • Creating an upward spiral that removes negativity, and gives internal strength

  • Aiding you with family problems

  • Balancing the Chakras

  • Stabilising your emotions and grounding you

How should you wear it?

When wearing it for the first time, you may experience an altered state of sensation, such as tingling or a change in body temperature.

This can occasionally happen and is the body's reaction and response to surfacing energies that are no longer serving you.

If this does happen, simply remove the Atlantean Star of Protection for 5 minutes (once only) allowing these energies to be cleansed and to leave. Then, put it back on, soon after and your bioenergy field will be protected. 


Take care of yourself,
The AK Vibes Team 🧚

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