Any questions about our services, crystal care or your order? Find the answers below.


Any questions about our services, crystal care or your order? Find the answers below.


Any questions about our services, crystal care or your order? Find the answers below.

General FAQs

How can I get in touch?

Direct message us on Instagram @akvibescrystals or email

When was AK Vibes founded?

AK Vibes was founded in 2015. Check out our About page to get to know our story which began as a result of Abdul Karim’s healing journey.

Where is the AK Vibes crystal shop in London?

At the beginning of our journey we were based solely in East London. You can now find us at both our East and North London branches. See you soon!


When will I receive my order?

As all AK Vibes orders are prepared by us especially for you, it can take a maximum of 2-5 working days for your healing tools to be dispatched. However, we want you to enjoy your crystals ASAP and aim to dispatch your orders within 2 days.

Can I return my item?

We want you to be 100% happy with your AK Vibes purchase, however, in the rare occasion you'd like to return your item, please contact us within 14 days of receiving your order.

Crystal care and energy

Will my crystal fade over time?

Some crystals including Citrine, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Fluorite, Sapphire, Opal, Celestite, Kunzite, Turquoise and Topaz are sensitive to direct sunlight and will fade if continuously exposed to it. If in doubt, it’s best to avoid placing crystals in such spots.

How can I care for my crystals?

Enhance your crystals’ healing properties by cleansing them from unserving energies with smoke, water or sound; recharging them under the sun, on the ground or in the water; and occasionally, programming them with specific intentions guided by your needs and desires.

Clusters might accumulate dust – take care of them with a fluffy duster. Voilà!

We recommend doing these on a weekly basis.

My piece doesn’t feel as energetically strong, what can I do?

Your crystal might be in a need of an energetic revival – it’s time for a crystal cleanse and recharge!

Does the size of the crystal matter energetically?

Depending on your intentions of use, e.g. providing healing for the whole family or using it solely for personal use. Your instinct will often guide you to pieces which your soul desires, so listen closely.

Can I keep my crystals together?

We believe there are no bad combinations of crystals, however some may cancel each other out and send a confusing message to the universe.

For example, a calming crystal (such as Angelite) paired with that which increases energy (such as Carnelian) will not work to their highest potential if affected by the vibrations of another.

Energetically, some crystals compliment one another when paired e.g. the abundant-attractors Pyrite and Citrine. There are combinations you can experiment with which will amplify the benefits of the crystals’ properties.

How do I program my crystals?

Intention can focus crystal vibrations on a specific need. To do that, close your eyes, bring yourself into a state of peace and visualise that which you desire. Then, hold your cleansed and recharged crystal close to your heart, imagining white light penetrating through your head, then entering your body and leaving through your hands into your crystal.

Spend as much or as little time connecting with your crystal as you need.

Crystal use

What are the benefits of crystals?

Crystals provide high vibrations and energies that aid in manifesting intentions through programming and meditation. They are the DNA of the Earth and each vibrate on their own frequency, providing healing and companionship in reaching your full potential.

Find out more about crystal healing.

What are the best crystals for beginners?

When it comes to choosing your crystal, remember that there is no right or wrong. You will naturally gravitate towards crystals which intrigue you.

However, if you need guidance, we recommend Clear Quartz due to its versatility and programmability, along with Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine, all of which are gentle in nature and bring love, abundance and protection.

Should I get raw or tumbled crystals?

We believe your intuition will guide you in making that decision. However, in most cases tumbled pieces are easier to use in meditation, while raw pieces are extremely beneficial in amplifying the energy of entire rooms.

Tumbled pieces often look more vibrant and are more striking, so are perfect for lovers of geological details and to wear as jewellery, keep in your purse etc.

Ultimately, everyone responds differently to tumbled and raw pieces, so we encourage you to experiment, spend some time with crystals and find out for yourself.

Where should I keep my crystals when I bring them home?

If you’re new to crystals, feel free to place them anywhere you find aesthetically pleasing, then experiment by bringing some into your sleeping space, office and more.

Can my children use crystals?

Yes! Families love choosing their crystals together and consider it a bonding activity. A great way children can benefit from crystals is by wearing them as bracelets and necklaces.

However, we recommend full parental supervision when choosing, playing with and using crystals as some might be small and cause a hazard if ingested.

What’s the best crystal to gift?

Crystals are brilliant gifts. They just keep on giving! Browse each crystal's properties by intention to decide which crystal would serve your loved one most. Popular crystals to gift include Rose Quartz (love), Clear Quartz (programmability), Pyrite (financial prosperity), Amethyst (inner peace).

AK Vibes' ethics

How do I know my crystals are authentic?

AK Vibes provides you with high quality, authentic crystals sourced straight from mines and our trusted geologists.

In occasions where crystals are dyed (e.g. Agates) or heat-treated (mostly Citrine), we ensure to state it clearly. We’re open in sharing knowledge of man-made crystals (such as Goldstone) due to their unique healing properties.

There are some crystals which are created from organic matter yet have their structure enhanced e.g. Bismuth. We consider these authentic crystals.

Authentic crystals will never: have air bubbles, lose colour due to scratching, have any remains of glue or magnify surfaces.

You will never find imitations of crystals in our store and on our website.


Where are AK Vibes’ crystals sourced?

All AK Vibes crystals are sourced straight from mines all over the world and our trusted geologists based in Spain and Czech Republic.