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If you’ve spent some time perusing through bookstores, or found yourself on the wholesome side of the internet, the word manifesting might have brushed your ears here and there – but it’s not often we hear what manifestation really is.


Is it a really difficult and daunting spiritual practice that only a few know how to do right? If you’re unsure, this guide is all you need to have your bubble burst – in an endearing, positive way.

We’ll say it.
Manifesting is not as hard as you believe.

At its core, it’s your belief which attracts complementary energies into your life. These energies then support you, as you strive towards goals, which often bring about tangible results. Think of manifesting as a formula:

Intention + Tools + Action = Desired Result

Think of it as a mutual agreement between you and the Universe – you’ll minimise limiting beliefs and take small steps, listen to your intuition and use crystals to nurture the energies. And, in result, it’ll guide you closer to the goals you've been put on the Earth to achieve.

What’s the catch? It’s worth mentioning that the law of attraction which is often interchanged for manifestation does not work at all if you don’t take responsibility and practical action.


Just as all crystals can be used for emotional and spiritual healing – the same applies for manifesting, but some work much better than others. 

Powerful manifestors include:


To manifest: better luck and financial security.

Aventurine aids the flow of prosperity, especially financial, plus contributes to a balanced sense of receptivity. It provides energy which diminishes limiting beliefs, attracting abundance and an increased sense of generosity.


To manifest: happiness, positivity, more energy.

Citrine assists you in battling procrastination and brings heaps of amplified, joyful energy to your surroundings. It’s a bright and cheerful abundance attractor – and a powerful aid in making your dreams happen.


To manifest: wealth, success, productivity.

Pyrite is a powerhouse of productivity and confidence, dissolving limiting beliefs which block you from achieving goals. This metallic crystal fires up the Solar Plexus Chakra which dimishes self-doubt and procrastination, enhancing your courage and self-esteem – making it the ideal office crystal.


To manifest: willpower, rationality, confidence.

An ally for those who desire support in willpower and forgiveness (both for yourself and others). Malachite’s strong combination of energies aid in releasing blockages related to self-worth. It also strengthens levels of commitment and promise-keeping, which benefit you and those close to you.


Helps with: amplifying other crystals.

Amazing for energy amplification in any field, Clear Quartz is the most versatile crystal. Fully programmable, it is able to transform any intention you put into it. It also works as a cleanser or an amplifier of other crystals’ energy when programmed and pointed towards them.



The simple answer is no, you don’t need to use crystals – in fact, you don’t need to use any tools. But, dedicated tools and activities oftentimes allow and inspire you to create personal rituals.

Not only will they motivate you, but they will bring pleasure to your day to day – you’ll feel satisfaction from working towards a goal, with crystals as your companions.

7 easy manifestation activities to try

  1. Make your own wish jar

  2. Create a vision board for the year (or choose your own timeframe)

  3. Repeat affirmations before putting on crystal jewellery every day

  4. Hold palm stones during meditation

  5. Keep crystal clusters near a space where you focus and work towards your goals

  6. Make a crystal grid

  7. Place crystals on a banknote or on top of affirmations

Before manifesting...

1. Open up your mind to energies. Reject beliefs such as:

I was born into lack, so I can’t get out of it.

I have no idea how others achieve success, I’d never be able to do this.

2. Write out your intentions and desires, allow your imagination to take you places. Create vision boards, place affirmations where you’ll see them daily.

3. Divide your goal into small, manageable steps which you can chip away on day to day.

Happy manifesting,
The AK Vibes Team


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