Great ancient philosophers and spiritual people noticed that the moon has a direct effect on us! Although it is 27 million times smaller than the sun, it is 375 times closer to Mother Earth, and each and every single one of us.

It is well known that since ancient times our ancestors have been following the moon for various reasons.

The different phases of the moon have a different effect on numerous things starting with nature, our emotions, and physical wellbeing. For that reason, people across the globe have been using the moon calendar for centuries.

Scientists have proven the gravity of the moon affects the Earth in many ways – take for example the monthly rise in sea levels on shore, at times even floods! Such occurrences are directly linked to the phases of the moon.

As humans, our bodies consist of roughly 80% water. For that reason, it's hardly possible to stay unaffected by the moon phases. But it's important to keep in mind that every single one of us is different, and so we will experience moon phases differently. You can use the moon’s phase shifts as a guide for planning your goals – which will also help you manifest the best outcomes.


The Moon calendar is one of the oldest calendars that has been used to improve wellbeing.

Every single day has a different energy, sometimes, it shifts to a completely different vibe in a matter of hours. You know it best!

For example, if the phase of the moon changes throughout the night, you might find yourself awake for hours on end. On the other hand, if that happens in the afternoon, sleep might miss you completely the entire night.

Although, sometimes you sleep like a baby and wake up fully refreshed, ready to jump into a new day. You might not have thought about it before, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the moon phases, and create small notes on how they affect you throughout the month.

One moon cycle takes 29,5 days and is counted from the first day of a new moon, to the next first day of the new moon. The moon cycle is then complete. During this cycle, the moon changes into 8 main phases:


There are 4 main lunar phases that we can use for different purposes…

New moon means new beginnings!

During this phase, the moon is hardly visible in the sky.

How it affects you
You may find yourself having less energy and motivation, and might feel like spending the whole day in bed – resting, meditating, practising mindfulness, spending time with yourself, doing whatever brings inner peace and calm.

Best things to do
New moon is the best time to let your imagination run wild and free! Dream, create vision boards, journal about your dreams, write visualisation letters with all your wishes and dreams. And most importantly, set your intentions with crystals, while holding them in your hand. Ask for protection, clarity, inner peace, self-love, healing, or anything else you seek!

When the moon reaches its first quarter, it gets stronger and at the same time, energy increases.

During this phase, you will be able to see half of it in the sky.

How it affects you
While the moon is in its first quarter, your creativity and motivation rise.

Best things to do
A great time to start new projects, generate ideas and do things you enjoy most. As the moon gets closer to being in full moon phase, it's important to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Try to remain as aware as possible by observing yourself. Spend time alone to observe what makes you nervous about new beginnings or changes.

Finally, the moon will be clearly visible in the sky.

How it affects you
The full moon is known to make you a little more emotional, but at the same time, it provides you with more energy than any other phase.

Very sensitive people might start feeling the full moon energy before it even turns into its phase fully. You might experience a sleepless night or two during this time. Females are more sensitive to the full moon, while males are more sensitive to the new moon. You might find yourself having a difficult time controlling your emotions, so just let them be, observe, don’t act impulsively.

Best things to do
Normally during a full moon, your subconscious mind is more open to new information, so it's a great time to repeat positive affirmations, visualise your dreams and wishes. It’s also a very important time to release anything that no longer serves you – let it be emotions, thoughts, people etc.

We recommend cleansing your living space with Sage or Palo Santo during the full moon. And, don’t forget to energise your crystals under the full moon energy! Leave them out under direct moonlight to recharge.

During the third quarter, the moon will be getting thinner and thinner, again.

How it affects you
A time of letting go, and buttoning tasks up with ease.

Best things to do
It's a great time to finish tasks you’ve started during the first quarter of the moon. Usually, you will start seeing the results of the hard work you've put in during the previous phases. It’s a wonderful time to say goodbye to unwanted items, to forgive, try not to think about the past and ground yourself into the present moment. Meditate with grounding crystals, such as Tourmaline, Obsidian, Hematite, and Smoky Quartz. Remember, we all see the same moon on the sky, whatever we go through in each phase – we’ve collectively got each other! 🌙


With moon magic, 🌙
The AK Vibes Team

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