Since the moment a Ruby crystal made Abdul’s heart beat faster in 2015, he couldn’t stay away from diving deep into the crystal trade world.

He began visiting shows across the world. At the time, he didn't know that someday, he will no longer visit as an enthusiast, but as an exhibitor!

From visitors to exhibitors

By 2021, we’ve served you in our East London store for over six years.

Welcoming thousands of you, and distributing even more crystals, made our bucket of curiosity as deep as ever. It led us to seek a deeper understanding of the processes involved in crystal sourcing.

We began to explore the fields and mountainous landscapes of Turkey – the areas where the Earth pushes out crystals. And, in no time, we found ourselves as owners of an ethical Crystal Factory, which mesmerised millions on Tik Tok!

If you’ve been lucky enough to pick up our self-sourced range – Blue Chalcedony, Purple Jade and Dendritic Opal – you know the energy they exude!

After establishing, it was time to show off our crystal beauties to more people! 😏

We oversee all operations.
We’re aware and don’t support child labour.


We find top-quality crystals.
Only the best processed pieces end up in your hands.



You join the journey.
Follow your crystal's journey, from "found" to "polished".



Our team is scattered across Europe. Emilija (our CEO) and Judita (Lead Visual Designer) reside in London, while Abdul (Founder) is mostly based in Turkey, and Karolina (Freelance Copywriter), bakes our written content in The Netherlands. But that didn’t stop us – in fact, it motivated us – to reunite in Germany!

Emilija, Judita, and Tomas, our trusty driver, set off from London to Munich in our caravan. Prepared with snacks, a comfy caravan bed and the buzz, a 20-hour journey was “easy peasy” – although a long restful night was required after this badass journey!

With stormy weather completely paralysing train tracks and roads, both our crystal cargo from Turkey, and one of our team members, Karolina, (who travelled by train), got stuck. Albeit, Karolina managed to arrive in Munich after a 23 hour journey (13 hours later than planned) – our cargo wasn’t as lucky.

But we trusted in the Universe’s Divine plan and carried on with hope. 🙏


After a few challenges along the way, we made it to The Munich Show, which is one of the largest mineral trade shows in Europe! And although a little smaller than in previous years due to the pandemic, it was nothing less of magnificent.


Based among our dear friends from Czech Republic – our stall stacked full of Purple Jade, Chalcedony, and Dendritic Opal began to stun visitors.

Our Turkish stones, processed ethically by us, attracted like-minded collectors, artists, jewellery makers, store owners from across Europe, and of course, children. Our future!


Crystal carver and artist Michael Peuster picked up our Blue Chalcedony material, with a vision of carving a snow fox! Several jewellers from Switzerland picked up our high-grade Purple Jade, some jumping of joy upon finding it. We’ve also met several of our Tik Tok fans at the show. 💛

But the show didn’t only serve us in spreading the word about our crystals – we also went on a hunt for show-stopping crystals from ethical suppliers.

Lucky to be surrounded by exquisite variety and quality, Emilija and Abdul personally hand-selected specimens of Malachite, Natural Citrine, and much more… check out our latest collections to be the first to grab them.

By supporting us, you support ethical practices.


We’re all a bunch of social butterflies, so you can be sure we've used our caravan for cosy evening gatherings, filled with great food (Emilija and Judita are great cooks!), conversations, and laughter.

Are you wondering if our cargo has arrived on time? Not quite. It has arrived a few days later, which allowed us to deliver placed orders to clients personally. So, we'd count that as a blessing in disguise 😉

Who knows... you might soon see our exclusives in your local crystal store. Keep your eyes peeled. This chapter is one of many.

Next stop: Mineral and Gem Show at Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines! See you there 🙏

Any journey is made up of lots of tiny steps.

The AK Vibes Team

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