Can’t think of new ways to incorporate crystals into your life?

We turn to crystals to infuse our lives with ancient energies, but somehow gather only a few ideas on how to use them. After all, many of us have never been taught or got a manual on how to amplify their effect in our daily lives.

You've heard all about home decor and meditation… But, none of them truly resonate? Not all of us crystal-lovers meditate.

Turns out you're not the only one! Find unique and fun ways of using crystals for kids, adults, and in between. It's the only guide you'll ever need when running low on ideas 😉


1. Pop a couple of tumbled pieces into your smiler’s pencil case.

2. Or get a pouch set for them to have close on the first day of school, and during exam season.

3. Scatter them around doll houses, to act as Barbie’s decor.

4. Use them as a reward mechanism for good behaviour.

5. Play with them! Put on some cute stick-on eyes, and voila!

6. Make a flower crown with crystals to welcome summer.


7. Create a welcoming window display.

8. Make a crystal altar in the living room, or your bedroom.

9. Recover plants and make them bloom again! With crystal chips in pots and vases.

10. Or infuse the water you’ll water them with.

11. Dinner hosts – make a dinner table display to wow the guests.

12. Dunk tumbled crystals into candles, but make sure to protect the crystal with a non-flammable material.

13. Crush broken crystals and incorporate them in paintings.

14. Make a little garden waterfall with flat pieces. Get creative!

15. Or create a focal display in your garden fountain or bird bath.

16. Purchase a couple of crystal tealight holders to warm up the ambience of your home.

17. Make a macrame dreamcatcher with Rose Quartz in the middle.

18. Drop some tumbled stones into your aquarium.

19. Glass-table owners can display striking clusters on its bottom shelf. Get ready for compliments.


20. Reduce the unpleasant effects of EMF by placing Shungite, Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz and Hematite on digital devices, e.g. WiFi routers.

21. Elite Shungite is ideal for purifying water. Simply disinfect and place some in a jug.

22. Charge water with crystals by placing your glass near Selenite overnight.

23. Keep Tourmaline, Amethyst or Angelite under your bed for better sleep.

24. Or sneak them in under your pillow.

25. Neutralise your space with a Himalayan Salt lamp.

26. Let the wind create crystal melodies… Hang an Agate wind chime by your window or in your garden.

27. Connect with crystal energy everytime you walk through a door, by turning a large crystal point into a door handle.

28. Place raw Tourmaline chunks by or above the front door to absorb negative energy.

29. Use flat crystal slabs as mug coasters for epic vibes with every sip.

30. Building a house? Don’t miss an opportunity to place a couple of healing rocks in the foundations of the house.


31. Give yourself a face massage with a crystal roller or Gua Sha.

32. Bathe with larger chunks of Rose Quartz.

33. Mix a crystal chip in your lipgloss tub (or try making your own with coconut oil and essential oils).

34. Infuse your skincare by putting a couple of chips in your face cream. Just ensure they are disinfected first.

35. Use a yoni egg to strengthen your pelvic muscles.


36. Carry a pouch of protective crystals in your bag.

37. Some also carry tiny crystal chips in their undergarments. Please ensure it’s comfortable and doesn’t cause discomfort.

38. Have you noticed the small pocket on your jeans? Guess what these were made for… 😏

39. Keep a few calming crystals, such as Amethyst, Magnesite, and Smoky Quartz to calm yourself when away from home.

40. Bring the love stone, Rose Quartz, on dates, for good measure.

41. Have your pet surrounded by crystal energy. Glue them on to their collar! Please take safety precautions to prevent ingestion.

42. Or, add raw specimens to your pet terrarium.

43. Attach a crystal keychain to your keys.


44. Create a wish jar. Here's how!

45. Place palm stones on your hands during meditation, let their frequency neutralise your thoughts.

46. Make a crystal grid to protect yourself, your kids, or your home.

47. Feeling a little “meh”? Your Chakras might be blocked. See how to unblock your Chakras.

48. Cleanse your aura. Grab Selenite and Clear Quartz, hold them near your forehead and imagine a light shining, penetrating through the crystals.

49. Lock manifestations in crystals at the start of the month.

50. Enhance your vision board. Attach Amethyst, Citrine, Carnelian, Garnet, and Tiger’s Eye to it.


51. Scatter crystal chips in gift bags and gift boxes.

52. Give out blue, pink, or clear crystals at a gender reveal party.

53. Why not decorate your Christmas tree with crystals?

54. Or, even better, make a fun Christmas advent calendar for your children to open ahead of the big day.

55. Make birthday cards with crystal chips.

56. Surprise your love with a box of crystals instead of chocolates on Valentine’s Day…

57. Pop the question in style! Safely place the ring in a crystal geode, and propose to your one and only. Trust us, they’ll love it.

58. Have Rose Quartz’ wise energy of love accompany you as you say “I do”, in your wedding bouquet.

59. Bring out your large clusters and let the energy infuse your wedding reception.

60. Depart your loved ones, and make their path to paradise more pleasant by placing Amber (protection from ancestral karma), Rhodochrosite (for a hopeful outlook on the future), or Snowflake Obsidian (purification) on, or in the grave.


61. Adorn your phone case with crystal chips.

62. Make your own wire-wrap jewellery.

63. Make tile-inspired picture collages.

64. Jazz-up your hair accessories with crystal pieces.

65. Decorate your journal cover.

66. And don’t forget those flower pots!

67. Make magnets with crystals.

68. Create stunning resin art with crystals encapsulated in coasters, sculptures, and keychains.

69. Wrap a crystal point with wire at the end of your pen.

70. Make a bookmark by tying a string or ribbon to a crystal.


71. Incorporate striking clusters into your product photoshoots.

72. Keep Pyrite, Citrine, Fluorite, and Goldstone in your office for focus, creativity and prosperity.

73. Amplify the law of attraction by placing Citrine, Pyrite, and Aventurine on top of a banknote. Visualise what you want your financial life to look like.

74. Having a dilemma? Write your options out on a piece of paper and use a pendulum to guide your decision.

75. Place intentions and your deepest desires in crystals at the beginning of the year.


Voila! You're now equipped
with ideas for days. Get started
with ticking them off!

Which three have surprised you most? 😏
The AK Vibes Team

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