Have you ever thought about crystal care? After all, all beings desire a little bit of tender love and care every now and again! But apart from energy, there are physical elements and occurrences which are considered disadvantageous to crystals’ unique structures – and which you might want to look out for upon welcoming them home.


Treat them as your friends. Would they want to be cherished and cared for? Especially when they keep on giving… The simple answer to that question is yes, they sure would.

Then ask yourself: when do you personally thrive best? And what do you expect of your magical beings?

If the answer is to use crystals in providing healing and guidance, then start off by taking a mental-note of your crystals’ needs… Your crystals want to:

1. Be placed in an appropriate spot

2. Be cleansed, safely


3. Be recharged

4. Be programmed

Although crystals are not very high-maintenance, the energy they provide us with is only cultivated and shared when we maintain the needs of our crystal. First things first…

Sunlight Damage

Some natural occurrences including direct sunshine, extreme temperatures or even water can damage them, so be careful not to place crystals in direct sunlight for long periods of time. This causes fading of their vibrant colours.

To upkeep their vibrancy, don’t place your crystals on a window sill or where the sun reaches it daily. You don’t need to place it in a dark room either! Anywhere but direct sunlight is fine, unless you’re recharging your little gem (learn about it below).

Water Damage

Angelite, Calcite, Fluorite, Halite, Kunzite, Malachite, Pearls and Selenite all score below five in the Mohs Hardness Scale (which relates to their fragility) and therefore should not be placed/cleansed in water.

It is also important to note that most crystals ending with “ite” should stay away from water as much as possible. But how should I cleanse them? We recommend you opt for the less-invasive cleansing method e.g. smoke smudging.


Although crystals are intelligent enough to cope with energies which might be considered as “negative”, it is important to support them from time to time with cleansing techniques which serve them, rather than damage them.

These include: smudging, moon bath, water bath, sound bath and more.

When should I cleanse crystals? 

Upon bringing them home – all crystals rehomed from AK Vibes are cleansed at point of purchase, however, you might want to cleanse them as they arrive.

Before or after meditation – to relieve the energy which you've resealed.

Before programming with an intention – to provide it with a "clean slate".


Cleansed: done!
Charged: done!
Programmed: in process…

Yes, crystal programming! What does it mean exactly? Nothing more than spending conscious time with your crystal, while placing an intention into it, later to be realised into a manifestation.

To do it, hold your crystal up to your heart, mouth or simply in front of you. Use your imagination to visualise “power” around it. Your vision is completely personal, and won’t always relate to those of others. It may involve seeing light or a golden hue, but there is no right or wrong.

You may now speak your intention out loud… For example:

“I programme this crystal for healing / protection from unserving vibes / strengthening my discipline at work.”

Programming is not necessary for all of your crystals, but that which you feel you could do a bit of help from. So, if you don’t feel you can afford dedicating conscious time with each of your crystals, don’t be too hard on yourself and focus mostly on the ones which you use most.

Happy self– and crystal–care!
The AK Vibes Team

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