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Connected to the crown chakra due to its distinctive violet tone, amethyst is for enhancing psychic abilities, opening a gateway for communication with higher realm beings and channelling messages from the divine. It can also help break negative addictive patterns on a spiritual or physical level, amethyst does it all! It is well known as a cleanser and sleeping aid for those with insomnia, put a piece besides your bed, or under your pillow to get a good night’s sleep. 
Geology: amethyst gets its purple hues from inclusions of iron and aluminium. Historically, the ancient Greeks believed when worn, amethyst could protect its owner from drunkenness and intoxication.
Chakra: crown
Zodiac: aries, Sagittarius, aquarius 
Colour: lavender and violet 
Number: 3
Found in: Brazil, Uruguay, Worldwide
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