Gift-giving is truly gratifying, but it doesn’t always mean it’s stress-free. In a time where many “have it all” and another bottle of perfume can easily turn into clutter, a well thought-out present is all we ever wish for – both while giving and receiving.


Intentional gift giving is at the forefront of our purchases, and not without a reason.

The whole point of a gift is to spark joy. And you can only guess the joy felt when your gift keeps on working for you day and night for years ahead – energetically, cheering you on on the sidelines with their unique structures and range of colours, which last and serve not just for a season.


Tell your lucky recipient stories of ancient civilisations who used crystals in their everyday lives – and explore their role in traditions, rituals and customs which are returning to the modern era.

Did you know Romans used crystals as amulets and talismans to attract good health and prosperity? They wore Amber, Amethyst, Carnelian, Garnet, Jet and Topaz rings – with Carnelian being the Romans' favourite.

But that’s not all! The crystal of self-awareness, Lapis Lazuli, was worn by Cleopatra (Cleopatra VII), and Egyptians considered Peridot “the gem of the Sun”. It is also believed that Cleopatra reintroduced the use of Agate, Carnelian, Amethyst and Clear Quartz crystals as protective amulets in the form of necklaces and ornaments.

Many also use crystals in Ayurveda to balance the effects of Astrology and karma, as a sign of healing for the subconscious, to ionise the space and balance doshas. These include Jasper, Hematite, Rose Quartz and more.


That’s why crystals make for an ideal gift. With each crystal’s unique structure and properties, picking out those which will aid the recipient most is so much fun!

But besides the fun, it’s your pure intention poured, with each one chosen for a specific reason: the receiver’s life situation, an indescribable pull, or an irresistible sparkle.

So if you want your gifts to be...

Thoughtful |  One of a kind |  Useful |  Natural |  Exciting, to everyone! |  Thousands of years old |  Energy-amplifying, and… absolutely stunning  😉

...check out our picks of gemmy goodies below. But don’t limit yourself! You’re free as a bird to follow your instinct. Afterall, it’s you who knows your people most.



For an unbreakable bond. Searching for ways to show gratitude to your mother figure? Celebrate motherhood with the universal stone of infinite love, Rose Quartz.

Strengthen your bond with Malachite, a velvety stone of compassion – or aid wanna-be mothers with Chrysoprase, Moonstone and Garnet.


For good luck and that very special wish. What is your special one wishing for? Amplify their biggest (and secret!) wish as they blow candles with fully programmable Clear Quartz.

Don’t ever go wrong with playful Aura Quartz or passion-pushing Amazonite, and help them make their dreams come true with Celestine and Citrine. Or show off your love with the ultimate crystal hero, Rose Quartz.


For protection, teething and better sleep for all. Welcome the bundle of joy to the world with great energy from day one! New parents will appreciate the sleep aiding Amethyst, a dreamy companion Celestine, calming Chalcedony Agate and Moonstone, a crystal of everlasting hope. Chrysocolla aids mothers in strengthening intuition and love, while an Amber teething necklace eases the little one!



For eternal joy and playfulness in marriage. Wishing the couple a true “forever”? Gift the energy of lasting care and respect for the lovebirds with a special piece of Rose Quartz. Amethyst clusters and luminous Moonstones are among popular choices for weddings, with mega striking forms which bring the “ohhs” and the “ahhs” among any crowd.

Abundance in marriage is always welcome, so why not invite a piece of Pyrite and a chunky Clear Quartz to the party?


For all they wouldn’t buy themselves. Oh the weather outside is frightful, but crystals make it so delightful! Bring warmth and sparkle under the Christmas tree this year – keep an eye out for our special Christmas deals, Mystery Boxes, special gift sets, and more limited edition gift packages. Or surprise them with a larger cluster they’d likely not buy themselves, an all-round Chakra Set or a couple of bracelets tailored to their New Year’s resolutions!


For new beginnings, proud moments and pats in the back. New job? Keep prosperity flowing with Pyrite and help them attract good luck with Aventurine. Someone flying out of the nest? Reach out for Selenite, an ultimate cleanser of their new home, or find more crystals to accompany them in their new space. Graduating? Watch them throw their graduation cap with Fluorite’s energies keeping their creativity high post-graduation.


One for you, one for your bestie! Be inseparable no matter of where you are in the world with matching crystal beings by your side.

Be reminded of your bestie everytime you put on a crystal pendant, look down on a bracelet or gaze at your special agate geode half which makes one when reunited.


For blessings and appreciation. Count your blessings plus shower your loved ones and those in need with gifts and gratitude, as Ramadan comes to a close. Celebrate the festival of reflection with crystals promoting new beginnings, including Labradorite, Amethyst, and Amazonite, whether for your own use, or as gifts for others.


For a thousand (years of) I love you’s! Whisper “I love you” while gifting glimmering crystals, hand-selected by you. Switch a box of chocolates for a yummy cluster of Brown Amethyst; add a large log of Carnelian to the relationship’s fire; watch your partner embrace their feminine energy with Chrysocolla or soothe and envelop your love with mellow vibes of Magnesite and Rose Quartz.


For gentle mending and positivity. If muddy times have come upon someone you love, aid them by equipping them with protection and self-love cultivators.

Create a pouch of protection including Tourmaline, Garnet, Smoky Quartz and Halite, which help their heart to mend.


For healing vibes and hope. In tougher moments, place a gentle crystal reminder of hope and well wishes by your loved one's side. Pick up a piece of anxiety-lifting Lepidolite, mental-immunity boosting Amber and ground your special person with Jasper or Hematite which are filled with iron and benefit physical health. Add an extra blanket of compassion with Rhodonite.

 Browse bracelets, clusters, raw and tumbled pieces and more to find the one.

I want to give them a bundle! Where do I start?

What a sweet idea! We bet they’ll love it.

Take inspiration from our guide to making your own crystal altar, top up their Palo Santo or Sage, or find ideas on how crystals nurture a home.

Don’t worry if you end up with a couple gifts for yourself! They were clearly meant to end up in your arms. 🎁

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Remember, giving is receiving.
The AK Vibes Team

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