Red Jasper

REACH FOR JASPER TO AID IN: Grounding, stabilising.

PROPERTIES: Ground your emotions with the nurturing Jasper, which occurs in all colours of the rainbow. Due to its high density, Jasper provides inner strength, courage and tranquillity, and is a great companion for earthing (connecting with the Earth's grounding energy).


GREAT FOR: Aries ♈ Taurus ♉

GEOLOGY: These densely-packed crystals are an opaque mix of Chalcedony, Opal and Quartz micro-crystals, and are found in large (non-crystalised) chunks. The various layers and colours of Jasper (including Red Jasper, Flower Jasper, Ocean Jasper etc.) form depending on heat and specific pigments. They’re best admired when tumbled and polished.

BORN IN: South Africa

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