REACH FOR GARNET TO AID IN: Passion, sensuality, grounding, creativity.

PROPERTIES: Great for assisting in healing from trauma and chaos, Garnet grounds you and ensures your boundaries aren’t overwhelmed. Keep Garnet close to attract serenity and passion, enhance love and devotion – and regulate desire for intimacy. The Garnet crystal also contributes to a heightened sense of courage and hope.


GREAT FOR: Aquarius ♒ Leo ♌

GEOLOGY: Garnet is a silicate mineral containing aluminium, iron, calcium, magnesium etc. Find Garnet in more than 15 forms and hues, from Almandine Garnet (burgundy) and Grossular Garnet (earthy green) to Uvarovite Garnet (forest green) and much more. Garnets crystallise in cubic formations and are commonly found in dodecahedrons.

BORN IN: China, USA and Mexico.

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