Aura Quartz

REACH FOR AURA QUARTZ TO AID IN: Playfulness, creativity, clearing blockages.

PROPERTIES: Aura Quartz aids in embracing the child-like curiosity and expanding your mind by providing clarity when faced with challenging emotions. The colourful hues connect with and bring balance to the Chakras, making it an amazing energy cleanser.

CHAKRA: Crown, Heart.

GREAT FOR: All, but particularly Libra ♎ Virgo ♍ Aquarius ♒ and Capricorn ♑

GEOLOGY: Considered a semi man-made crystal, Aura Quartz is a coated form of Clear Quartz or Amethyst. The beautiful and reflective sheen of various colours are created through metal coating in heated vacuum chambers. Coating metals usually include titanium, niobium and sometimes even gold.

BORN IN: USA and China.

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