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Visit our East London crystal shop and be consulted by our AK Vibes Advisor, who will guide you in choosing the ideal crystals for you.

Browse 100+ crystal types, from our own Crystal Factory finds – to specimens sourced worldwide on our trips.


📚 If you're a new crystal-enthusiast, read our blog for helpful tips.

👜 To make your experience comfortable and accident-free, we offer a free locker service to stow away your bags, coats, and shopping on arrival.

💛 Sanitiser is available just by the door.

♻️ We encourage you to bring and allow us to reuse paper or bubble wrap from your previous purchases at AK Vibes, or elsewhere.

🚫 Crystals get attached very easily, so, unfortunately, we cannot offer returns or exchanges for
in-store purchases. Read more about our refund policy. By visiting, you agree to our T&Cs.

How long is my appointment?
Your appointment is up to an hour long.

What payment methods do you accept?
You're welcome to pay by cash, card, or via a bank transfer. However, cash payments are currently preferred.

Happy crystal-shopping! We can't wait to have you! ✨

Is my appointment completely private?
To make our store more accessible, we allow for up to three customers/groups to visit within a time slot. Depending on time of your appointment, you might find that some slots get busier than others.

However, we do our best to provide you with the care and attention you need no matter of the number of customers within the store.

What if I don't end up purchasing?
We're aware and understand you might not find the ideal crystals on every visit – that's not a problem at all, we still hope you have a lovely experience browsing 🥰

I'm visiting with a friend, should we book in separately?
You're not required to book separate appointments. However, please state the number of people accompanying you in the "How many people are visiting altogether?" section.

We're open by appointments

Deeper connection to you

Our AK Vibes Advisors provide you with a more focused and personal advice without rush.

Comfortable exploration

Less crowds + more space = a moment to cherish forever. No pressure, just peace.

Safe space to share

You might arrive with a sensitive issue in mind – in such times, more privacy soothes.

Peace of mind

No distractions from walk-in browsers and those with unfriendly intentions.