Lapis Lazuli

REACH FOR LAPIS LAZULI TO AID IN: Transformation, honesty and self-awareness.

PROPERTIES: Lapis Lazuli is a stone of action and transcendence. Great for assisting you in stepping out of the security of your comfort zone, it assists in detaching from the past. Popular with royalty, the Lapis Lazuli crystal helps you be more honest, authentic and courageous, aiding you in integrating the wisdom from past experiences into the present life.

CHAKRA: Third Eye, Throat.

GREAT FOR: Taurus ♉ Libra ♎ Sagittarius ♐ Capricorn ♑

GEOLOGY: The iconic blue blocks form near igneous intrusions (crystalised molten magma) as a result of heat-altered limestone or marble. Its main component and the reason behind its distinct colour is the mineral lazurite which partially replaces the mother rock, forming layers. The lighter specs of Lapis Lazuli are Pyrite, Calcite and Mica.

BORN IN: Mostly in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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