REACH FOR CITRINE TO AID IN:​ Creativity, confidence, manifestation, abundance.

PROPERTIES:​ Citrine assists one in procrastinations and brings heaps of amplified, joyful energy to your surroundings. It’s a bright, cheerful abundance attractor – and a powerful aid in making your dreams happen.

CHAKRA:​ Solar plexus

GREAT FOR:​ Taurus Virgo

GEOLOGY: The ​Citrine crystal​ is a form of Clear Quartz, and although present in nature, natural Citrine is rare to find. The energetic vibe of the joyous yellow-ish crystal is obtained by recreating the process it undergoes inside the Earth: heating Amethyst geodes and clusters to temperatures spanning 350°C.

BORN IN:​ Sourced in Brazil, heat treated in various locations.

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