We live in a world where protection of our own space is no longer a weird woo-woo practice. We’re intentional about what comes into our life, what type of vibes and energy we cultivate, realising everything is a result of how strong our boundaries are.

Rightly so, our aura, energetic field and mood should be kept as pristine as possible. At the end of the day, it is our life, and it shouldn’t be spent facilitating and encouraging toxic people and energies from freely lingering around, poisoning what lovely life we are trying to create for ourselves.

If we don’t protect what is dear to us, we run a serious risk of damaging it, and not from our own actions. As we get older, the saying “prevention is better than cure” really does make sense, we can’t deny it!

Here's how to protect all
important elements of your life:


Life's not about utter control. Letting go is part of the process – surrendering to the Universe’s plan brings us peace and decreases anxiety about the future.

Yet, wherever we can protect the energy, we should. Strangers visit our homes from time to time, and although we don’t condone labelling everyone by their vibration and vibe, this practice is a set-and-forget solution. An easy way to dispel heavy energies from our home is to place crystals by the sides of your door, either indoors, or outside.



Here, you’ll want to use one of the most powerful crystal protectors, Tourmaline and Shungite. Both dense and anchoring, they absorb heavier energies and deflect them. It’s recommended to use larger chunks to save you time on energetically cleansing them regularly. Find out all about crystal-care.

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It’s the end of the day, you’ve been dying to wrap yourself in a cosy burrito, only to be unpleasantly surprised by a restless night of switching sides, not sleeping. Ugh. Your mind cannot stop replaying scenarios, and even counting sheep doesn’t help (does it ever?).

The reason our minds can’t stop after an eventful day is because a mind not taken care of (cleansed, uncluttered) will eventually overflow. It may also cause frequent nightmares, anxious bodily reactions, and sleep time slowly diminishing into being anything but rest.





Hence, bed-time requires our action, and requires protection. Here, you’ll want to use small pieces of Tourmaline around the four corners of your bed, an Amethyst by your bedside table, and a piece of Selenite closeby. Selenite is known to be one of the most powerful crystal cleansers, and is self-cleansing. Yes! That means, it’s low maintenance, emits high vibrations and preps your sleeping station without you having to move a finger.

While Selenite cleanses the space, Tourmaline protects your soul as it slightly rises above your body while you sleep. Amethyst makes for a perfect companion for calmer dreams and more pleasant dreamy experiences. 


Judgement is easy to cast as all our life journeys differ. It is impossible to be adored by everyone, and neither is that our priority. Interestingly enough, we’ve been told that bullying materialises as offensive language, or hate. But, there is another layer to this equation – unsaid thoughts.

While we can’t hear people’s thoughts, our aura might be affected as their energy field exudes these negative energies (even unconsciously), projecting them onto others in hopes of freeing themselves. As it’s something we can’t prevent, many of us bolster our energy field with Onyx, Red Jasper, and Hematite.






Each best worn in the form of crystal jewellery add an extra layer of protection, preventing us from being victims of emotional and mental illness down the line. And, of course, our love for family and friends can’t simply protect them on its own, so protective jewellery makes for an ideal gift. 


You wouldn’t want to spend years working towards a goal, a reputation, spiritual growth and self-awareness, only for it to be shattered by those who feel jealous and hold resentment due to their own challenges.

In reality, the wealth we’ve built, financial and material, isn’t ever guaranteed. Our knowledge and spiritual growth holds much more space in the equation of abundance. But, both provide a sense of security, accomplishment and comfort to pursue our dreams.






While Citrine, Pyrite, and Aventurine help you attract and build that wealth, Jet, Bull’s Eye and Malachite will help you keep it secure. Wear jewellery made out of those wealth protectors, or have them programmed and stored away in a box with a few objects which resemble the wealth you want to protect: praying beads, banknotes, letters.


Moving in with your love, bringing children to your oasis, and living a life in flow. We all want the best life for our families. Each action taken intentionally materialises this, every day. Amplify your actions and intentions by infusing the foundations of your home with protective energy. You really can’t ever be too protected, in energetic ways!

We often recommend our clients place their personal favourite crystals, to pair up with their own needs and personal connection. Everyone gravitates towards different crystals, which speaks volumes. Over the years, favourites often remain unchanged – why do you think that is? Because our souls know what they need.






Don’t worry about spending hundreds, or searching for a massive statement piece, only to be buried under the ground. When building or renting a home, you may go for smaller pieces. Just remember to cleanse, charge, and programme them before placing them in an unreachable place, underground. Learn how to easily program your crystals.

If you do however need advice, here are crystals our customers placed under their home’s foundations:

  • Rose Quartz: unconditional love, kindness and care.
  • Malachite: forgiveness and emotional balance.
  • Lapis Lazuli: for powerful spiritual protection against evil.
  • Labradorite: for safe transformation throughout different stages in life.

Off you go! Bring protection into
all parts of life, soul-seeker

The AK Vibes Team

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