6 ways to get out of a rut and hit reset this Summer

6 ways to get out of a rut and hit reset this Summer

Summer's supposed to be the season of fun and freedom, but sometimes we get in a rut. Even if you have an exciting trip or a fancy vacation planned for later in the summer, it can still feel like you're stuck in a humdrum routine until that day comes. 

Why is Summer a great time to reset?

The warm weather and longer days remind us that we can refresh our energy levels by doing something new and different. In comparison to Winter and the colder months, we automatically awaken this season, and so it's the best time to oomph your wellbeing to new heights – not only through the natural ways (glorious sunshine) but by getting active in other ways too!

If you've been feeling uninspired at work, or stuck in your comfort zone with friends, and are craving some sort of reset button this summer, try out one of these ways to hit reset.

1. Get outdoors, right now!

Rocket science advice: get outside. It’s easy, when you’re feeling down or in a rut, to hole up inside and forget about the world around you. But getting away from the city or your hometown and into nature can help you feel rejuvenated and inspired by all that it has to offer. Getting back to nature is one of the best life hacks, and easiest ways to get out of a rut because it allows us to reconnect with ourselves and our surroundings – and sometimes all we need is a moment or two of reflection on what matters most in our lives before we can move forward again.

Connect with others who have been through something similar. If there was ever anyone who has been through something similar, it can be helpful to chat about it. Sharing stories is comforting because it lets us know that we aren't alone in this struggle and gives us hope that things will get better.

While out and about, it's a perfect time to reconnect with your crystal friends – those you wear on your wrist or by your heart. Speak to them, meditate with them. Don't worry about the external world, explore your inner Universe. Wandering the forest? Why not cleanse your bracelets energetically in a running stream?

2. Eat intuitively

When you're feeling stuck, it might be helpful to take a step back and figure out what you actually want.

Maybe you're craving adventure, or maybe it's time for some self-care. Maybe the problem is that no matter how much time or money you spend on food, nothing tastes good because of stress eating. Whatever the reason may be, an intuitive approach can help you figure out what is going on under all of that tension and how best to deal with it.

3. Get real about what food means in your life

Find a time when the world isn't so loud around you (like that moment you step your foot in the door after work) and commit yourself to listening without judgment about why certain foods make sense for your body right now – and others don't make sense at all – and then actually listen as if someone else were hearing their own inner wisdom from within themselves. Remember to:

  • respect both sides equally
  • avoid shaming either side of yourself too harshly
  • ask yourself if there is anything else underneath those voices (maybe tiredness from working too hard or hunger from skipping lunch)
  • ask yourself if there are any other experiences behind these feelings (like boredom or anger)

This process could go on forever but at some point we have enough information! 

4. Mindfulness. How many times have you heard of it?

Mindfulness is a big deal these days. You've probably heard about it before, maybe even tried it out. But have you made it a regular habit?

A simple 'close your eyes for a minute' meditation can help you feel more grounded and less stressed, but the practice itself can seem like an uphill battle for anyone who isn't used to sitting still and focusing on their own thoughts. There's nothing wrong with that – it just takes some time to get into a rhythm when you're learning something new. The trick is finding ways to make meditation more accessible – and fun!

If you're looking for some inspiration in your mindfulness routine, start small by choosing one activity each day (like taking a walk) where you slow down and focus solely on what's happening around you at the moment: how your feet feel against the ground beneath them; whether or not there's wind in your face; how far away from traffic lights are you when they turn green... Go on, think of more! 😏

5. Ask yourself the tough questions

To be honest, there isn’t really much point in looking back on your past and trying to reverse engineer what went 'wrong'. The only thing that matters is how you feel about your present situation, and what you can do about it. If you want to move forward towards a place of contentment and fulfillment, then it’s time to ask yourself some serious questions:

  • What do I need?
  • What are my priorities?
  • Am I willing to work towards them with the same dedication as when I first set out on this journey?

6. Make time to give back to your community

It's so worth it. This can be as simple as cleaning up the beach, or jogging by a homeless shelter and donating a few pounds. Giving will make you feel more connected with those around you, and it's a great way to meet new people, learn new life stories. Plus, helping others is the most fulfilling thing we can do.

Try seeing things differently – you may find that something that has been bothering you for weeks isn't such a big deal after all! Or, change your perspective on something positive: if something good happened recently, remind yourself of why it was so important in the first place! Changing our perspective changes everything.

BONUS POINT: Your desires are not random, why not follow them?

Now, we don't mean quitting your entire life as it is, and following your passions without at least a draft of a plan. What we are referring to, however, is slowly incoporating those elements of life you believe you need to feel happier.

Do you feel your surroundings no longer inspire you? Try exploring the parts of the area you feel best in. If over time that proves not to be enough for you, it means you're yearning to level up. 

Take this line to heart: when your skill or expertise no longer match the challenge, you're no longer in the flow. What does this mean? 

It simply means, you can do more, have more, enjoy more, you're ready to walk forward. You no longer want to be stagnant. Your stagnation frustrates you because there is a fire inside you that believes in themselves sooo much. 

The question is, will you give yourself a chance?

Summer is a great time to hit reset and get yourself back on track – but getting started can seem daunting. The idea of doing anything can sound like too much work when you’re in a rut, so we hope these tips will help you start small.

Even just going outside for a walk, or spending one meal eating intuitively (i.e. without your phone), can have a big impact on your mood and energy levels over time!

This summer, don’t let yourself lose the momentum of spring; make time for what makes you happy and feel good about yourself again.

With love and blooming energy,
The AK Vibes Team

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