Some call it Galentine’s, some seep knees deep into the appeal of making it all about romance – and some even treat it as “Friend’s Day”, as Finns celebrate in the Nordics. Valentine’s Day has been set as the day of love, gestures, and admiration.

But although we see everything from the outside, everything happens on the inside, which poses a question: what will it take to normalise lone self-care dates?

You’ve often heard the most important relationship you have is the relationship with yourself. And we want nothing more but for you to dedicate at least one day or an evening a month to truly appreciate yourself, and nurture a deeper soul connection – for a more fulfilling life.

We’ve asked our customers for their favourite things to do at such self-care dates on their own! Here’s a few ideas for you to action…


A peaceful day spent in nature, how could you ask for more?

Wandering the very heart of GAIA as paths carry you through the wise woods, and meandering streams. A simple park or a forest is the perfect retreat for a stronger connection to the source. 

 up a few crystals, and cleanse them in a running stream. 


Honour your broken crystals 
by bringing them back to the earth.


 home-made lunch and nutritious snacks to refuel throughout the day at a picnic.


a photoshoot in nature! Pack up a camera and tripod, let the self-shutter be your best friend.


Collect twigs, flowers, pinecones and more, to make 
a nature corner in your home.


Dry the leaves
 collected on your day out, write the date and a reminder of that day.

Crystals to use:

Browse your collection for Moss Agate, Abalone Shells, Snowflake Obsidian, Picture Jasper, Desert Rose and Dendritic Agate. Find a calm spot in the woods, and take the opportunity to sit still with them, meditating, or simply allowing them to recharge.


5 crystals for self-love


There’s no place like home… Sometimes the most extravagant dinners, retreats or vacations won’t bring you closer to hearing your soulset, than cosying in at home. And it’s not without a reason many have fallen in love with working from home – it’s here, in your soothing oasis, where you truly find who you are, and who you want to be.

Start the day off with your 
favourite playlist.


Cleanse your crystals
 and create a crystal grid for self-love (use crystals mentioned above).


Pick up a creative habit
 you abandoned – be it painting, drawing, knitting, etc.


Buy yourself flowers
, or even make your own arrangement.


Attend a group pilates
, yoga, zumba class – in person or via Zoom.


Rearrange your living
 space, bring fresh energy into your surroundings!


Take a social media detox
 for the entire day or evening – does it feel challenging?


Write a letter to yourself
 or spend a few minutes writing morning pages to get your thoughts on paper.

5 habits to help you
fall in love with every day
Morning journaling 💖 Self-massage 💖 Asking unprecedented questions
 💖 Morning gratitude 💖 Bedtime reading


Do you live in the city, or have been planning to visit but it’s hard to find a date to fit everyone’s schedule? Why not plan a day out on your own – we mean, in your own company 💛

Book your appointment
 before your visit and browse AK Vibes, our East London store filled with more than a 100 types of crystals.


Admire works of art
, artefacts and nature wonders at one of London’s museums, the Natural History Museum is our favourite 😏


ake yourself out for a walk in the picturesque Greenwich. Walk the footsteps of past Kings and Queens – admiring London’s landscape from a new perspective.


Delight your taste buds at Covent Garden Market, 
Southbank Centre Market, or Greenwich Market on Sundays, which serves delicious nosh, and epic craft. 



Watch the sunset from the Emirates Cable Car to end the day. 


Find more ideas 
on how to spend a day nearby our store. 



 For wholesome days
full of love for yourself 💛
The AK Vibes Team

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