Feeling uneasy, snappy, incredibly sleepy, infused with anger, unmotivated or unfocused… Can you relate?

At times, it feels as if the most unpleasant seasons of emotions come by so quickly, so unexpectedly. Yet don't seem to disappear as fast... It can be frustrating. Especially when the world is hurting, energies collide and we’re stuck among the "chaos" of life.

We're craving for: calm, harmony, a cosy feeling, courageous attitude, eternal gratitude, balance, feeling unaffected about the news... Don’t we?

How deep is your desire to manifest those feelings into your life? To strengthen the bond with the part of you who trusts and believes ‚Äď leaving doubts outside.

Would you like to feel calm on a regular basis? To sweep the fearful thinking off your mind and chest. Here's some good news: you can have it. Start off by reaching out for your crystals.


Meditation is sky-rocketing, healing crystals are (in our humble opinion!) becoming the right type of mainstream ‚Äď and the ‚Äúchase‚ÄĚ for peace and calm is one of the most desired ‚Äúcommodities‚ÄĚ of the current era.

Here at AK Vibes, we believe in getting down to the root of the problem: the cause.

While it is tempting to use crystals to combat a specific feeling, we should strive to explore what is bringing out those emotions exactly.

So, before you explore the best crystals for different moods, here are some wholesome activities to warm up with...


Practise journaling.
Write what is on your mind, freely, without blockages...

Ask yourself questions while looking in the mirror.
It helps if you speak in your native language, too!

Spend days in silence, without digital distractions.
Give your thoughts a good listen.

Meditate with crystals.
Target and tackle low mood with suggested crystals.

Now, choose your target mood!


Seeking strength of a Tiger? Tiger’s Eye is a no brainer. Or, rather, would you like to feel calm, yet as powerful as the Amazon river? Amazonite is your pal... Carnelian and Sunstone are surely ones to fire your inner Sun, while Red Jasper and Hematite can aid your emotional resilience.

Confidence + Self Esteem
Wish you'd flourish with confidence? If you’re expanding your self-belief, let Spirit Quartz, Carnelian and Citrine guide you. Ditch the feelings of not belonging with the joyful Orange Calcite and love yourself more with Rose Quartz by your side. Be confident in your decisions with Fluorite.

Enhance your communication with crystals activating the Throat Chakra.

Choose from¬†Angelite,¬†Blue Chalcedony Agate, Larimar,¬†Lapis Lazuli¬†or¬†Celestine¬†‚Äď all holding gentle energies amplifying honesty and self-belief in your own voice. Are you a performer? Spruce up your shows with¬†Carnelian¬†a stone of utmost expression and elevated creativity.

Forgive and be forgiven… It’s not always easy. For times of difficulty, seek compassion from Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz and Rhodonite. Kyanite, Magnesite and Apatite aid in opening your heart, providing healing and a stronger ability to forgive. If self-judgement comes upon you often, reach out for Amethyst and Obsidian, the ultimate masters for releasing this toxic habit.

Embody your inner ray of sunshine with joy-releasing crystals:¬†Citrine, Yellow¬†Jasper¬†plus Yellow and Orange¬†Calcite. Or mix calm and happy times with a helping hand from Ametrine (mix of Amethyst and Citrine). For youthful vibes, keep¬†Aura Quartz¬†in sight ‚Äď and if being more playful is on your radar, embrace just that with¬†Amazonite.

What is more desired than love? Bring and cultivate this intense feeling with love-supporting crystals. Powerful love stones include Rose Quartz, milky Magnesite, fiery Carnelian and cheery Amber. Improve receptivity in your love life with Aventurine, keep your boundaries high with Garnet or cultivate all the self-love with Malachite. Ruby can help in longevity of passion.

Seeking some serious manifestation? Meditate on the fully programmable and powerful Clear Quartz, or let Citrine and Amethyst engulf and transform your deepest wishes. Boost the financials with fool’s gold, Pyrite, and amplify its powers with bags of good luck from Jade.


Anger + Irritability
Whether we can admit it or not, anger is a natural human emotion. But when it becomes too heavy and affects your actions, help yourself with transformative Amethyst. Aquamarine can assist in letting go, calming the turbulent waters of your mind; whereas Bloodstone and Smoky Quartz transmute unfavourable energy, and purify your field. Calm an overactive mind with Howlite and attract peace with Peridot.  

If anxiety prevents you from enjoying life, consider reaching out for crystal compassion masters. Start with Rhodonite and Rose Quartz. Understand yourself better with Celestine, the crystal of higher consciousness. Or, ground yourself in reality and the here and now with a Lava Stone or a piece of Tourmaline.

Rise like a phoenix! From burnout to feeling fierce, these crystals can help you dust off the ashes. Meditate with the motivation stone Fluorite, welcome in positive change with Lepidolite or deal with stress with Tourmaline. Ocean Jasper is here to empower you, while Amethyst is a classic companion of transformation, in your desired direction.

Wave fear ‚Äúbye-bye‚ÄĚ! See fear for what it is and allow yourself to enjoy a more fulfilling existence. When your fear is associated with making decisions, Onyx is here for you. Are your mind and heart fighting? Grab¬†Kunzite¬†and watch your inner communication flourish.¬†Tourmaline¬†aids in detracting looming energies and¬†Carnelian¬†unleashes your fearless side.

Appreciate yourself for all that you are with Heart Chakra balancing crystals. Meditate on your thoughts of jealousy with¬†Aventurine, Peridot and¬†Malachite, bringing them to surface and healing, bit by bit. Nurture self-love further with¬†Rose Quartz¬†and add¬†Carnelian¬†to the equation ‚Äď to enhance belief in your own power, with no comparison in sight.

Focus + Productivity
Motivation made a runner? Catch up with it! Resist temptation to wander with Red Jasper, see your bright side shine with Sunstone and grab a couple pieces of Fluorite and Clear Quartz for better concentration. Combat procrastination with the rational thought inducer Sodalite, and strengthen memory with Pyrite. To protect your productive aura, keep Obsidian close.

Insomnia + Feeling Tired
Reconnect with a feeling of safety which comes with a good night’s sleep. Cultivate it with sleeping aids: Amethyst, Celestine and Angelite. Place pieces of Tourmaline or Shungite in each corner of your mattress for protection while you snooze. Angelite allows guardian angels to enter your space, while Labradorite keeps you protected. If you feel anxious falling asleep, Leopard Jasper can help.

Dear reader, we hope this brings you calm. Knowing that each emotion, bump in the road, uninvited outcome or a difficult situation - is here to challenge us, make us grow, make us better. It's possible with the power of intention, and by listening closely.


We believe in you so dearly.
The AK Vibes Team

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