Clear Quartz pendant

Clear Quartz pendant

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REACH FOR CLEAR QUARTZ TO AID IN: Empowerment, clarity, manifestation.

PROPERTIES:​ Amazing for energy amplification in any field, Clear Quartz is the most versatile crystal. Fully programmable, it is able to transform any intention you put into it. It also works as a cleanser, or an amplifier of other crystals’ energy when programmed and pointed towards them.

CHAKRA:​ All – Clear Quartz is programmable!

GREAT FOR:​ All, but especially Gemini Leo Capricorn

GEOLOGY:​ A silicon dioxide crystal, the ​Clear Quartz crystal i​s one of the most abundant minerals found on Earth's surface. Quartz grows in natural prisms with points and can also be found in geodes. As stated in the name, it is often transparent or translucent, and is a base for other sibling-crystals including Amethyst, Citrine etc.

FUN FACT:​ Quartz is known for its ability to transform mechanical energy (e.g. pressure) into electromagnetic energy and vice versa, so is often used in watches, radios and microphones.

BORN IN:​ Worldwide, but mostly in Brazil, Madagascar and USA.

DESCRIPTION: 4cm - 4.5cm length.